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Stoner Steve Review: The Ridiculous 6

0% on the Tomatometer. Universally panned by critics. Racist. Shit Acting. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. All of the above is true about The Ridiculous 6.

Let me tell you something else about The Ridiculous 6. I love it, specifically when I’m enjoying my uhh…herbal supplements. So let’s just be honest about what this is…it’s a stoner flick, and a pretty good one. If you’re trying to watch and judge this movie on any kind of serious basis, you’re doing it wrong. This isn’t Citizen Kane. This is Dumb And Dumber meets the wild west.

In truth, the above makes all the serious reviews that much more entertaining to read. As an example, from “The fact that Vanilla Ice plays Mark Twain and actually says, “Make it rain like Twain” as he antes into a poker game? You read that right—Vanilla Ice plays Mark Twain.” I mean, that sounds hilarious to Stoner Steve, but apparently Brian Tallerico lacks any sort of sense of humor.

Moving on to the movie itself, in my personal opinion, Taylor Lautner stole the show. Playing the dim-witted Lil Pete, Lautner’s lines and mannerisms are (perhaps in a sad reflection of my own sense of humor) hilarious. The hanging scene had my wife and I laughing hard and re-watching for at least ten or fifteen minutes. The rest of Sandler’s cast of misfits, ranging from a mute who strangles people to the mystical White Knife played by Sandler himself, are respectably funny and gel together as a team.

As for the plot, just forget that The Ridiculous 6 pretends to have one, and you’ll be better off for it. Just treat it like a series of SNL skits that happen to fit together to sort-of make a story, and you’ll understand all you need to about the film.

Available on Netflix, The Ridiculous 6 clearly scores two thumbs up from Stoner Steve! Sober Steve is a little more cautious…. watch at your own risk. Yes, I think that’s a fair assessment.

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